When will you be happy ?

When will you be happy ?

Over the years I have sacrificed my current day happiness for future happiness……tied to some future event that when it happens will make life wonderful! 

This is a game many of us play – when I loose the excess weight, when I change jobs, when I buy a home etc etc and then I will be happy! How good this will feel and you tell yourself it is worth going without now so you can have this happiness later and of course it will be exhilarating!

Problem is I kept changing the goal posts.

I found there was an initial rush of happiness but it didn’t last and I was left deflated and annoyed at myself – did I pick the wrong goal yet again !  More often than not I would quickly find a new goal and again delay the happiness until that too was achieved, my God when was I going to get it right!

There is a saying that used to irritate me no end “It’s the journey not the destination that’s important” I reckon I could have debated this with a pretty solid argument, there was a time I actually thought it was a typo.

In my 50’s I finally get it, hallelujah and boy I wish I could talk to my 20 something self and impart this knowledge.

You see we have free choice and we can choose how we feel and act on any given day.

So now I choose to be happy EVERYDAY…I embrace the moments that make life beautiful from the morning cuppa to the soft pillow at night.

So to my 20 something self, by all means reach for the goals but don’t delay your happiness for another minute, take time out of your busy day and enjoy the moments BE HAPPY!

Think about this ….2 couples were moving to the same country town. The first couple were excited about their new adventure and the prospect of making new friends, the second couple dreaded the move and knew they wouldn’t have anything in common with the people in town. After a few months it was obvious their experiences were exactly as they thought they would be – you have the power to choose !

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