Is the universe leaving you breadcrumbs ?

Is it possible the Universe leaves breadcrumbs for us to follow ?

The other day I experienced what many may call a coincidence….

I was standing at the checkouts at our local Toysrus store bright and early just after 8am to take advantage of their new catalogue, there was a woman in front of me who made a purchase and we both asked the checkout operator about loyalty points. Anyway I digress, the point is I took notice of this woman and remembered what she looked like and then went about my day.

Around 1.30pm I popped down to a Target store which is about 15 minutes away from the Toysrus store – note this was about 5 hours later and in an area with over 200,000 residents and guess what – in front of me at the checkouts was the same lady !!!!

At first I thought this is a tad weird, but think about it…we both went our separate ways in the morning and somehow we ended up at exactly the same place twice -what are the chances ?

So was there something more to this coincidence ?

I believe it was to remind me that while things appear to happen randomly there is order to the universe and there will be breadcrumbs left for me…..I just have to be willing to follow the breadcrumbs.

So the universe has successfully captured my attention – I am open and waiting for my next breadcrumb  

Footnote:  I have just realised there was another breadcrumb left for me the day previously…I am currently searching for my birth father’s family and was at my first appointment with an adoption resource centre and when asked about my birth fathers details  I realised it would have been his 80th birthday on that very day. I could have had this appointment any day but randomly (?) was scheduled for this day…another breadcrumb to say I am on the right path.






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