How do you feel when  you wake up in the morning ?

Do you feel like throwing the alarm out the window, do you want to stay in bed and shut the world out ???

Let’s change this with a simple 5 minute exercise.

When you wake up tomorrow morning firstly be grateful that you have woken up to share another  beautiful day and then think about 3 things that your are grateful for in your life right now.

You may be surprised to realise the things you are grateful for are very simple – the song playing on the radio, the briskness of the morning air, a great nights sleep  .

It really is how you choose to look at things !

Find a way to be grateful for what you have in your life right now !

These are  mine for today (note you can choose to use...I am grateful or I am thankful or I give thanks, whatever feels natural to you!):

1. I give thanks for the rainy weather that reminds me of my home town
2. I am grateful to spend the day with my grand child
3. I am thankful to have a blog where I can share my thoughts

After practicing this for a while you will start to see a shift in the way you look at things – instead of focusing on the negative you will naturally focus on the positive.  Imagine you are cut off in traffic, you could choose to get abusive and enter into a negative mind set – or you could silently say to yourself – I am grateful I am OK and then let go of the situation  .

So tomorrow morning just take a few minutes to start your day in gratitude xx

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