Bookmarks in your mind

In any day there are thousands of thoughts and experiences your mind is exposed to, however only some of these appear to be retained for easy reference. The rest are no doubt filed away in a deep part of our mind yet certain memories appear to be front of mind for easy reference….these are what I call bookmarks.

I have long been fascinated with this, why are certain things bookmarked ?

My belief is these bookmarks are lessons to remember or breadcrumbs to finding your path, some may be both.

I am not talking about life changing events which will definitely be cataloged in your mind
I will save these for another day  ), I am talking about those  small memories which we hold onto and reference when applicable.

Let me randomly pick some of my bookmarks and the reasons why:

  • Serving a neighbor at a bank and not recognizing or acknowledging them. To remind myself to SEE others as individuals and not as numbers.
  • Walking down the driveway at my Nana’s house in complete and total darkness. Invokes feelings of trust that all will be OK, indeed a sense of protection. This is one of my most used bookmarks.
  • I was around 14 and attempting to meditate for the first time (and actually I think the last time for many years) and realising that just for a moment or two I had quietened my mind.  To innocently remember it is possible to quieten my mind.
  • Another childhood memory was reading a passage from the bible at church, I can remember how natural and confident I felt. When I am on my path I will have the confidence.
  • Buying a soft serve ice cream at Coles Variety store and remembering the girl who served me. Years later our paths crossed again and we became close friends, did my soul know this the first time we met?

The interesting thing is, these bookmarks / memories are so vivid – it is like watching a movie in my mind. Take the last one for example, I am sure I bought many ice creams from Coles but I cannot remember any other why this one ?

Ok I am going spiritual for a moment…come with me if you desire otherwise skip ahead .
Is it possible there are some small ( and big )  things that we experience that are non-negotiable that help direct us in this lifetime. In fact did we agree to these and even had a hand in planning them before we came into this body ? Are these checkpoints or course corrections and is it our soul that recognises and bookmarks them!

Do you have memories that play like a movie in your mind at just the right time ?
These are your bookmarks, what are they telling you ?

From my heart to yours
Jenny xx

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