Super Hero Confidence Boost

Super Hero Confidence Boost

I was watching Greys Anatomy (yes still love it) and prior to commencing surgery one of the doctors stood like a superhero – hands on hips, chest out and head held high.  You could sense the power she was producing and receiving from the universe…yah a new tool for me to use and share !

So the very next day I tried it, just for a few minutes – I could feel the power and confidence AND I could feel myself connecting with me, stripping away the distractions and the real me stepping forward. Wow this works – who knew !

Being a left brainer, I did some research and found a TED talk from Amy Cuddy a Social Psychologist who  has done experiments on this very subject. Using control groups of Power poses and Lower poses Amy confirmed the subjects who adopted the Power poses had an increase in Testosterone, a decrease in Cortisol and were more likely to engage in higher risk activities – in the control group this was measured by a willingness to gamble (though not recommending the gambling in real life guys!).

Additionally they had the subjects complete interviews with a panel unaware of the experiment – in all cases the candidates chosen were those who had adopted the Power pose.

It doesn’t have to be a Superman / Wonder woman pose, however I find these fun and that is an added bonus, adopt a  pose that means power to you and note how you feel.

Feel the increase in Power, Confidence, Passion, Presence, Optimism, Enthusiasm, ability to think abstractly and the real YOU shining through !

We have all heard of Fake it to you make it – this is about Fake it to you BECOME it.

Really useful prior to a job interview, public speaking or any event you would like to feel more confident and in control – take a few minutes and go somewhere private and stand like Superman, soak in the feeling and walk TALL into the event.  Be proud to be you !

Give it a go – would love to  hear any feedback 


Outside my Comfort Zone

Outside my Comfort Zone

When I worked in the Corporate world I had a sign on my desk that read “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”.

So what is a comfort zone?

To me, a comfort zone is where we feel in control, safe and supported with little criticism or anxiety. The benefits are a place to go on auto-pilot and recharge; the problem is we risk getting stuck in ground hog day and missing out on endless possibilities.

What happens when we do step outside?

We have new experiences, heightened emotions, learn new skills and yes sometimes we fall over ….  I openly admit to being risk adverse (sometimes to my detriment) so by all means do your risk assessment – while it would NOT be safe to jump off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you could climb it through the appropriate company. For a career change, weigh up the financial & progression implications and if you come up with a block – work out how to get around it – don’t just accept it as a no, focus on the benefits and make it happen.

Consider this, when we come into this lifetime, our comfort zone is very small and consists of yourself and your nurturers.  Over time it grows as we discover and understand more, as adults we choose to continue this pattern of growth or not.

The chances are the most memorable experiences of your life have been when you were outside your comfort zone!

For me this would include buying a new home, changing careers, having my family, my first spiritual class through to creating this website and indeed putting myself out there with my business !

Do you remember the last time you were outside your comfort zone? The excitement, nerves and adrenalin rush – studies have shown we experience an enhanced level of concentration and focus while in this stage, a natural high.

Dr Wayne W. Dyer has a wonderful quote

 Don’t die with your music still in you !  

So what can YOU do to step outside and expand your comfort zone ?