Avoidance tactics

Avoidance tactics

As a trained life coach I feel a certain obligation to have my life sorted out…

I struggled with this for a long time and to be perfectly honest I still do. So what do I do….I find things to get distracted by, avoidance tactics – perfect excuse – I am so busy over here that I don’t need to deliver as a coach and surely no one would expect me to under the circumstances. Perfect I have bought myself some more time

Now I certainly don’t recommend this course of action as the results well they simply don’t work. Yes I get a certain sense of satisfaction from achieving on other fronts, BUT in the back of my mind I know I am repeating that same negative behavior and setting myself up to fail yet again! Or at the very least to stay in the holding pattern.

So what to do ?

Firstly it is important I acknowledge the avoidance tactics I am using. One thing I am good at is making myself busy, it is amazing how I can fill my day in with goodness knows what – but wow am I busy!  So this is my first change – I am establishing a daily habit of quiet time, reintroducing self care.  Meditating and reading coach appropriate books to inspire me.

Now the cynic in me suggests this could be another avoidance tactic – indeed it may be however these new habits support my coaching as opposed to sabotaging it.

The other thing I am doing is challenging my perfectionist traits – I don’t need to know everything (simply not possible) and I acknowledge that sometimes I may well fail (ugh!).  I am actually going to use this as a bit of a mantra – so in the positive ” I am stepping outside my comfort zone ready or not!

So these simple changes I have made don’t cost anything except my time and I am so worth my own time.

Can you see where you could make some simple changes in your life to support your goals and dreams ?

Take the first step …….you are so worth it !








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