Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams

Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams

I have heard this saying many times, in fact, did you know there is a second part….

 Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, FOR THEY KNOW THE WAY !

Interesting concept isn’t it?

May I share my experience with you to explain…..

Recently I have been dreaming of a cosy little home in the country.

Step 1 Visualise your dreams

So like every good house hunter, we wrote a wish list:
3 bedrooms with the main bedroom at the back, open plan, cosy feel, no wasted space, close to shops and low maintenance yard.

For those who know the law of attraction, we were creating the energy vibration for it to materialise.

Step 2 Move forward in the direction of your dreams

We commenced our property hunt, tentative at first looking at existing properties but nothing ticked all the boxes. At times, it felt like we were playing a game. Were we serious with this hunt or had it become a hobby to go to open houses ?

Over the months we stopped a few times and decided to stay where we are. But the feeling, the yearning just didn’t go away.

Randomly one night (synchronicity ) I found a house plan we both love, could we really be considering going through a build process again?

So we started looking for land. We thought we had found the block, the price was acceptable (as acceptable as Sydney prices can be) but between my partner and I, we just couldn’t make the decision to put an offer in. Something just didn’t feel right – on paper it ticked most of the boxes, but we kept finding reasons not to do it.  Was this fear kicking in, or was it not the right place?

Over the next few weeks I would drive by the land, the inevitable happened the SOLD sign went up. I was devastated, was this the end of the dream ?

Step 3 Don’t give up

We stopped again for a few weeks. Then we heard about an area that wasn’t on our radar, was it worth considering? The sales office sat at the top of hill overlooking beautiful rolling green hills with cows happily grazing. This felt like paradise, in fact it felt like I had come home.

Now my heart was already invested, but my mind well that was a different story. Was it too far out, can we afford it, should we leave the amenities of the suburbs and on and on my mind rattled…

It took a few weeks and a few sleepless nights but then we did it – we bought a block of land and we are moving to the country !!!

Could it really be possible that my dream knew the way and we just needed to keep moving forward to find it. I truly believe this to be the case, as all our wish list and more will be ticked. For this I am forever grateful x

I cannot stress enough the importance of moving forward, it is one thing to have a dream but YOU MUST take forward action to achieve it, otherwise it will only ever be a dream.

So to summarise:
1) Visualise the dream – write a list, create a vision board, visualise it in your mind
2) Keep moving forward in the direction of your dream and trust you will be guided in the right direction
3) Don’t give up
4) Give thanks 

The one condition I place on this is – the dream must be for your higher good and cannot harm yourself or others.

So my friends, dare to dream, and by god , dare to take the action required to make your dream come true.

Until we meet again
Jenny xx


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