Over the next 7 days I have some challenges for you……READY TO PLAY ?

Challenge Day 1 – Let’s kick off with some fun  

Let loose and do your HAPPY DANCE !

Go on, you know you want to!

No rules apply, that’s the fun – dance like a dag, or dance like a ballerina. Let down you inhibitions and MOVE !

Day 1 Happy Dance

Day 1 Happy Dance

Challenge Day 2 – Time to be still

Today aim NOT to fill every minute with something happening, be it tv, internet, facebook or even chatting with friends face to face (which is great don’t get me wrong!). However I would like you to sit in silence for as long as you are comfortable with and be with the most important person YOU !

If you meditate do this, otherwise focus on your breathing and just be in the moment.

Day 2 hold the silence

Day 2 hold the silence

Challenge Day 3 – Let your inner child play  

Sometimes we are caught up in our adult world and risk forgetting the real you.

So today let’s cast our minds back to your childhood- what made your heart sing!

Was it colouring in, building a fort, skipping rope, playing dressup, going to the park….or is there something new that you have been wanting to play !

Let your inner child out today….even it is just a daydream let yourself play.

Day 3 Inner child

Day 3 Inner child

Challenge Day 4 – Perform an act of kindness  

Some time today consciously aim to do an act of kindness for someone, without expecting anything in return.

This may be opening a door for someone, a warm smile, a kind word – be spontaneous and let your heart reach out and connect with others. Your small act may be all they need to brighten their day x

Day 4 Act of kindness

Day 4 Act of kindness

Challenge Day 5 – Quiet Reflection

Today reflect on an episode in your life where you may have struggled.

While this may bring up emotion aim to go past this and analyse the lessons learned, embrace this knowledge.

One of my earliest memories is being put on a train as a 6 year old without any family members to go to a city hospital for 4 months. I was overwhelmed with a sense of lose, bewilderment and abandonment….on reflection the lessons learned from this experience are my strength, resilience and independence. While I may still get lost in the experience there is the opportunity to step back and acknowledge the lessons.

Trust me I don’t underplay these experiences they are very traumatic however we do have the opportunity to learn and grow from them.

Be kind to yourself

Day 5 Quite Reflection

Day 5 Quite Reflection

Challenge Day 6 – Step outside your comfort zone

Today take that first step outside your comfort zone – you will be amazed at what’s out there !

Check out my previous blog on this very subject https://reconnectlifecoaching.com.au/outside-my-comfort-zone/

Day 6 Step outside your comfort zone

Day 6 Step outside your comfort zone

Challenge Day 7 – See the beauty

This is a nice one 

As you go about your day actually take time to SEE… we are often on automatic and don’t stop to focus – today aim to SEE the beauty of life.

This may be in a loved one’s features, your own body, a pet, a tree everything has beauty you just have to be willing to SEE IT….and the bonus you will FEEL it too.

God Bless and thank you for doing our first 1 week challenge. I hope you enjoyed it

Day 7 see the beauty

Day 7 see the beauty

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